WeatherTrack: The Ultimate Racing Weather Solution

Manufacturer: Connexion Concepts
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Designed and manufactured in Australia, WeatherTrack offers a groundbreaking weather sensor system tailored for motorsport applications. Featuring a CAN-based interface, it integrates seamlessly with most modern ECUs, including the MoTeC M1, Haltech Nexus/NSP, and now Holley EFI. WeatherTrack provides consistently precise data logging of weather conditions, essential for real-time performance adjustments and strategy planning. Outputs include comprehensive weather data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, density altitude, and watergrain.

ECU CAN Integration

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Introducing WeatherTrack – Your On-Track Weather Solution

Discover the future of motorsport weather tracking with WeatherTrack, the first weather sensor system crafted specifically for the racing industry. Built to excel where others fail, this innovative system ensures you stay ahead, regardless of varying weather conditions across different tracks or changes in event schedules.

Why WeatherTrack?

WeatherTrack is more than just a sensor; it's a comprehensive weather solution embedded right into your motorsport setup. Forget the unreliability of mobile phone weather updates. With WeatherTrack, vital weather data travels with you, directly integrated into your racing routine. Utilising the Motorsport Standard Atmosphere (MSA) for all calculations, WeatherTrack ensures the highest accuracy in weather data processing. For more information on the Motorsport Standard Atmosphere (MSA).

High Precision and Accuracy

Leveraging the latest in sensor technology, WeatherTrack offers exceptional precision in measuring atmospheric conditions. The sensor specifications ensure:

  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Humidity accuracy of ±3% relative humidity
  • Pressure accuracy of ±1 hPa

These high levels of accuracy make WeatherTrack an indispensable tool for performance tuning and race strategy based on exact environmental conditions.

Seamless Integration with Your Racing Technology

WeatherTrack features a CAN-based interface and offers four versatile 0-5V outputs. It includes direct integration with the MoTeC M1, Haltech Nexus/NSP systems and Holley EFI, enhancing data logging, displaying real-time weather conditions on your dash, or enabling dynamic tuning adjustments based on live environmental data. Available data transmitted over CAN includes:

  • Temperature (°C & °F)
  • Relative Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure (hPa, kPa, & inHg)
  • Density Altitude (ft & m)
  • Watergrain (GPP & GPKg)

The 0-5V outputs provided are:

  • Watergrain (GPP) 0 - 150
  • Temperature (°C) -30 - 85
  • Pressure (kPa) 30 - 110
  • Density Altitude (ft) -3000 - 11000

Advanced Technology Under the Bonnet

At the core of WeatherTrack lies a robust CPU, designed to process inputs from multiple high-precision sensors. By employing advanced algorithms and adhering to the Motorsport Standard Atmosphere for all calculations, WeatherTrack delivers consistently accurate and actionable weather information.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, WeatherTrack stands as a testament to Australian innovation and quality, ensuring your racing programme can count on consistent performance, no matter the weather conditions.

Elevate your racing programme with WeatherTrack—where technology meets precision in the pursuit of the perfect race day.



WeatherTrack Drawing

Haltech - PD16 Integration (Box D)
AVI 1 - Temperature (-30 - 85)
AVI 2 - Pressure (50 - 110)
AVI 3 - Rel Humidity (0-100)
AVI 4 - DA (-100 - 9000)
SPI 1 - Watergrain (0-150GPP)
SPI 2 - Temperature F (-30 - 185)
SPI 3 - Pressure InHG (16 - 32)
SPI 4 - DA (meters) (-914 - 2743)

MoTeC - E888 Integration
- Watergrain (0-150GPP)
AV2 - Temperature (-40 - 85)
AV3 - Rel Humidity (0-100)
AV4 - Pressure (30 - 110)
AV5 - DA (-3000 - 9000)
AV6 - Temperature F (-40 - 185)
AV7 - Pressure InHG (16 - 32)
AV8 - DA (meters) (-914 - 2743)

 Holley EFI - IO Box (328)
AV1 -
Watergrain (0-150GPP)
AV2 -
Temperature (-40 - 85)
AV3 -
Rel Humidity (0-100)
AV4 -
Pressure (30 - 110)
AV5 -
DA (-3000 - 9000)
AV6 -
Temperature F (-40 - 185)
AV7 -
Pressure InHG (16 - 32)
AV8 -
DA (meters) (-914 - 2743)